NPC Livestream – The New Trend on TikTok That’s Getting Popular!

NPC Livestream – The New Trend on TikTok That’s Getting Popular!

Threeshester is currently being talked about by TikTok netizens throughout Indonesia because of the NPC Livestreaming they are doing on TikTok Live.

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Every day, Threeshester can earn profits from TikTok gifts given by their live viewers. One of the most expensive gifts Threeshester has received so far is the Lion gift, which is equivalent to 29,999 coins or IDR 7,499,750.

Before Threeshester, foreign TikTokers with the username Pinkydoll had already gone viral for doing NPC Livestreams on their TikTok account. Quoting from Vice, Pinkydoll’s earnings from each NPC Livestream session can reach $7000 per day, a truly staggering figure, isn’t it?

Through this article, let’s delve deeper into NPC Livestreaming, which has captured the attention of many people!

What is NPC Livestreaming?

In the gaming world, an NPC, or “Non-Playable Character,” is a character that cannot be controlled by the main player. They are characters within the game used to provide interaction, storylines, or challenges to the player. They can act as friends, foes, or even guides in the player’s journey through the game world.

Now, adapting from its origin, NPC Livestreaming places its broadcast host to act as an NPC, just like in a video game, who can only serve commands and instructions from the “main” players, which are the viewers of the NPC livestream itself. Viewers can request the “NPC” to perform actions or behave according to the commands or gifts given.

Opportunities from NPC Livestreaming

Even though NPC Livestreaming may seem quite strange, it’s evident that it has garnered a lot of attention from this trend. What are the opportunities that can be utilized from NPC Livestreaming?

  1. Collaboration
    As the first NPC Livestreamer in Indonesia, Threeshester is now starting to receive many collaboration invitations from brands and other content creators! Starting from the Eat Sambel brand, which managed to get 1.9M views from a collaboration video with Threeshester to the Brand Bitter Sweet By Najla. They all are racing to capitalize on the virality of Threeshester to promote their products.

  2. Riding The Wave
    For those of you who are still unsure about what content to create, NPC Livestreaming could be one of the options you can try! Especially considering that there aren’t many content creators doing live TikTok with this concept yet, while TikTok users enjoy it, even willing to dig into their pockets to give gifts.

The challenges of NPC Livestream

However, of course, it’s not as easy as flipping your hand to become an NPC. There are several challenges you must face if you want to participate in this trend.

  1. Creativity
    Like any other trend, the NPC Livestream trend will not always revolve and remain stagnant with the same concept. Therefore, creators who are active in NPC live streaming need to continue innovating to create creative content that can attract more fans. Some NPC live streamers have already made several variations in their live streams, such as:
    • Wearing costumes from a game or animated character
    • Collaborating with other influencers
    • Creating short video content while still maintaining the NPC concept outside of TikTok live sessions

  2. Audience Response
    Another major challenge that NPC livestreamers must face is dealing with the audience and its various dynamics. Livestreamers cannot control what kind of audience is watching their NPC livestreams, nor can they predict the responses they will receive. NPC livestreamers must deal with unreasonable requests from the audience, and it’s not uncommon for them to receive unpleasant treatment such as insults or even verbal harassment.

  3. Public Perception
    Despite becoming increasingly popular and a trend that many brands are jumping on, NPC Livestream still faces opposition from the public, including from fellow content creators. The repetitive nature of NPC livestream interactions, which often repeat templates or default text from TikTok gifts, is considered useless and boring. Moreover, many also label NPC livestreamers as virtual beggars because they focus their live interactions on gifts from viewers.
    There are also speculations that consider NPC Livestreaming as inappropriate content with sexual undertones – though not explicitly – given that some practitioners like Pinkydoll and Cherry Crush often wear revealing clothing and are also content creators on platforms like OnlyFans.


As a content creator active on TikTok, staying updated on trends is essential, including understanding the trend of NPC Livestreaming. With all the pros and cons, along with the opportunities and challenges that have been summarized, you can consider whether this trend is suitable for you or not.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to try the NPC Livestreaming trend on TikTok? Or perhaps you already have ideas for collaborating with one of the NPC livestreamers for your future content?


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