What’s the difference between fixed price and self-quote price?

What’s the difference between fixed price and self-quote price?

Hey there! The main difference between the fixed price and self-quote price options is how the pricing is determined. 

In the fixed price model, the brand or advertiser sets a specific price for their campaign. This means that they have a predetermined budget and offer a set amount for your participation. It’s a straightforward approach where you know exactly what you’ll be earning for your fantastic content creation and engagement. This provides clarity and transparency between you and the brand. 

On the other hand, the self-quote price option gives you the freedom to set your own price for campaigns. You have the flexibility to consider various factors such as your audience size, engagement metrics, and the unique value you bring as an influencer. It’s all about showcasing your true worth and determining the price that you believe reflects your talent and expertise. This option empowers you to take control of your earnings and negotiate based on your personal brand value. 

Both options have their advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on your preferences and the specific campaign. The fixed price model offers simplicity and a clear understanding of your compensation, while the self-quote price option provides flexibility and the opportunity to highlight your unique value. At Wankol, we support you in making the pricing decision that works best for you, so you can confidently rock the influencer world and set your price with style! 

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