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What is Wankol?

Wankol helps multinational brands to connect and collaborate with KOL in one platform. Wankol manage end-to-end process of influencer marketing campaign; from KOL selection, comparison of cost, agreement process, project management, payment and results evaluation.
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Collaborate at scale and gain results

Daily KOL Data Insight

Providing you with the latest trends and insights in the KOL world. Make informed decisions that elevate your brand’s presence and success.

Launch Your Campaign Just a Few Clicks

Our platform empowers brands to create comprehensive briefs and effortlessly ensuring fast and efficient campaign creation.

Money Back Guarantee

Transparent pricing and guaranteed KOL delivery within your desired timeframe or your money back – experience worry-free collaborations on our platform today.

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Less searching, more opportunities

Guaranteed Payments

With our upfront payment deadline system, rest assured that your efforts are valued and your payments are secure.

Point Awards

Earn Wankol Points with each campaign, and enjoy the rewards that can be exchanged with exciting perks and benefits.

Free Platform and Member Registration Fee

Join our community for free and unlock endless opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Become an Expert in Influencer Marketing

Gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in influencer marketing.

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