What’s the difference between by submission and by invitation?

In “By Submission” campaigns, KOL can both sign up to campaign or be invited by advertiser to a campaign. But, KOL do not need advertiser’s approval to enter the campaign. KOL can directly submit content draft by clicking “more details” button on the campaign and click “submit draft”. Advertisers will later review the draft and […]

What happened if advertiser suddenly cancels?

Advertiser has the right to cancel the campaign. Therefore, as a KOL you will encounter situation where advertiser suddenly cancels the campaign. However, we imply a certain compensation to KOL based on the milestones of the project:[Later will be changed into table which need to wait for refund policy to be translated first] By Submission […]

Advertisers refuse to settle my payment, how do I report the case?

If advertiser refuse to settle payment, you can always appeal your case to us by clicking “submit an appeal”. Choose the reason why you’d like to appeal your case. We recommend explaining clearly in the “description” box so that we can understand the situation as well. Attached the necessary screenshot as proof. Click “OK” and […]

How do I increase my chance to participate in the campaign?

If it’s a by submission campaign, you will need to follow the brief well and provide a good draft. Make sure you mention the key selling points of the products based on brief, pay attention to brand’s dos and don’ts, provide caption with hashtag as stated on brief and send a good video/photo quality. Based […]

Why can’t I register to a campaign?

You have not created a name card. To be able to register to a campaign, you first need to create a name card. Your category did not match the campaign’s category requirement.Some advertisers would limit their campaign to certain category. For example, a cooking appliance brand can limit their KOL category requirement to “Food” and […]

What happens if the advertiser suddenly cancels?

We understand that it can be frustrating if an advertiser suddenly cancels a campaign, but please know that Wankol has a compensation policy in place for KOLs based on their progress in the campaign. We want to make sure that you are fairly compensated for the work you have done so far.  For “By Submission” […]

How to submit a draft?

First, make sure you have already created a draft video and/or scripts according to the brief provided in the campaign details. Go to “My Campaign” and then on the campaign that you want to submit your draft to, click more details. Choose “submit draft” and then submit your videos and/or picture draft. Once you click […]

How to join a campaign?

To join a campaign, you need to have an approved name card. If you have a name card already, click on the campaign that you want to join. On the campaign details’ page, click on “Register now”.Choose the name card you want to join the campaign with. Click “submit”. If it is a by submission […]

What’s the difference between by submission and by invitation?

In “By Submission” campaigns, KOLs can either sign up to a campaign or be invited by the advertiser to participate. You can directly submit content’s draft by clicking “more details” button on the campaign and click “submit draft”. After advertiser approves the draft, you are counted as participants of the campaign. Payment will be made […]

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