Point Usage Rules

Welcome to Wankol! As a token of our gratitude for choosing Wankol as your preferred platform for influencer marketing, we have introduced Wankol points. These points can be earned by performing specific tasks within our platform and can be utilized to redeem exciting perks and benefits. How do you collect points? Action Points Received Register […]

How to Earn Wankol Points?

You earn Wankol Points each time you finish an activity. View your earned points in ‘My Points’ and discover the activities listed under ‘Campaigns To Earn Points’.

How to Use Wankol Points?

Just head to “My Points” and select “Points Mall” to redeem products or services of your choice.

What is Wankol Points?

Wankol Points are rewards you earn by using the Wankol platform! KOLs can redeem these points for products or services.

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