How to create a name card?

How to create a name card?

  • You can create your name card by going to the top right side of the page where you can see your name, then click the drop-down button.

  • Choose “Personal Information”.

  • On the Personal Information page, scroll to find “My Name Card” then click the plus button.

  • Choose the social media. Note that one social media account will be equal to one name card, so if you have multiple account, you need to create multiple name card as well.

  • Click “Confirm to obtain information and bind social media platform”. By clicking this, you authorize our platform to obtain several data from your social media account such as profile picture, followers, engagement rate, likes, comments, etc. These data will be useful for advertiser to decide whether or not you are suitable for the campaign.

  • Fill in the demographic data by gender and age, your industry, and a brief short introduction. These data will be useful for advertiser’s knowledge and will increase your chance to be picked for a campaign so make sure that you fill in all the necessary data.

  • Click submit. After submitting your name card, our system will review your name card maximum 2×24 hours. After being approved, you can already register to a campaign.

  • If you have any problem with your name card creation, do not hesitate to contact us at support@wankol.com

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