Name Card Authentication Guide

Name Card Authentication Guide

At Wankol, it’s crucial to authenticate your name card to participate in campaigns, ensuring both safety and the seamless integration of your social media account with Wankol’s platform. This authentication involves binding your social media account to Wankol and granting permission for Wankol to access and analyze your social media data. The collected data is handled with utmost care, serving the dual purpose of presenting a comprehensive profile to advertisers and generating automated reports, relieving you of manual efforts.

There are three distinct status levels for name card authentication:

  1. Authentication Approved: At this stage, your social media account is successfully bound to your Wankol account. You don’t need to take any additional actions as our system automates the process for you.
  2. Transferred: This status indicates that you’ve transferred your name card to another account. We strongly advise transferring your account only to your KOL manager for safety reasons. Avoid transferring your account to unfamiliar individuals to safeguard your information.
  3. Disabled: If your name card is not associated with your social media account, you won’t be able to participate in any campaigns. To enable your name card for campaigns, authenticate it by clicking on the “Reauthorize” option.

By emphasizing the importance of authentication, Wankol ensures a secure and efficient process that not only enhances your participation in campaigns but also prioritizes the safety of your account information.

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