Point Usage Rules

Welcome to Wankol! As a token of our gratitude for choosing Wankol as your preferred platform for influencer marketing, we have introduced Wankol points. These points can be earned by performing specific tasks within our platform and can be utilized to redeem exciting perks and benefits. How do you collect points? Action Points Received Register […]

Name Card Authentication Guide

At Wankol, it’s crucial to authenticate your name card to participate in campaigns, ensuring both safety and the seamless integration of your social media account with Wankol’s platform. This authentication involves binding your social media account to Wankol and granting permission for Wankol to access and analyze your social media data. The collected data is […]

How to find the Insight page for each social media platform?

YouTube: Open the YouTube app. Navigate to your profile in the bottom right. Click “View Channel” beneath your name or next to your profile picture. Choose the statistic icon located beside the “Manage Videos” button. Capture a screenshot of this page and upload it to Wankol.   Instagram: Open the Instagram app. Go to your […]

What is Name Card Verification?

Name Card Verification is a process to confirm that you are the actual owner of the account. At Wankol, we prioritize honesty, and to ensure accurate and complete data for advertisers, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are required to fill out a designated form. This not only enhances your chances of being selected for campaigns but […]

How to Earn Wankol Points?

You earn Wankol Points each time you finish an activity. View your earned points in ‘My Points’ and discover the activities listed under ‘Campaigns To Earn Points’.

How to earn Wankol Points?

You earn Wankol Points every time you complete an activity. Check your earned points under ‘My Points’ and find the list of activities below ‘Campaigns To Earn Points’

What happen if I suddenly need to cancel my campaign?

Advertisers are allowed to cancel campaign at any stage of the campaign. However, a certain fee will be applied to advertiser according to different stages each KOL has done for the campaign. Please refer to our refund policy for more information.

Why can’t I create a campaign?

To create a campaign, you will need to have a business card. After you have a business card, go to “+create a campaign” on the top of the page. Fill in the details such as country, platform, type of content, etc. Click “submit”. Your campaign is now under review. Please give us 24 hours to […]

When will I get paid?

After a campaign ends, advertiser will need to confirm settlement to our system in order for KOL to get paid. However, if within 7 working days advertiser has not confirm settlement, system will automatically settle the campaign and KOL will automatically receive payment in the account balance.

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