Why can’t I invite a KOL to my campaign?

We want to ensure that your campaign is as effective as possible, so we only allow you to select KOLs who live in the same country where your campaign is held. If the KOL you want to invite is not located in the same country as your campaign, you may not be able to invite […]

What’s the difference between by submission and by invitation?

In “By Submission” campaigns, KOLs can either sign up to a campaign or be invited by the advertiser to participate. KOL can directly submit content’s draft by clicking “more details” button on the campaign and click “submit draft”. After advertiser approves the draft, KOL are counted as participants of the campaign. Payment will be made […]

What happen if I suddenly need to cancel my campaign?

Hello! If you suddenly need to cancel your campaign, don’t worry, we understand that unexpected circumstances can arise. While we do allow advertisers to cancel campaigns at any stage, please keep in mind that there may be certain fees charged depending on the stage of commitment each KOL has made to your campaign. For more […]

How do I make a good brief?

Creating a good brief is crucial to ensure that KOLs can create effective content for your campaign. Here are some tips on how to make a good brief that KOLs will appreciate.  First, make sure to include all the important details about your product, such as its main selling points, campaign period, and eligibility requirements. […]

How do I invite a KOL to join my campaign?

Inviting KOLs to your campaign is easy. Here are the steps to do it:  First, go to “My Campaigns” on your dashboard.  Select the campaign you want to invite KOLs to.  Click on “More details” and choose “Invite KOL”.  You’ll be presented with a list of KOLs that we recommend based on your campaign needs.  […]