What happen if I suddenly need to cancel my campaign?

Advertisers are allowed to cancel campaign at any stage of the campaign. However, a certain fee will be applied to advertiser according to different stages each KOL has done for the campaign. Please refer to our refund policy for more information.

Why can’t I create a campaign?

To create a campaign, you will need to have a business card. After you have a business card, go to “+create a campaign” on the top of the page. Fill in the details such as country, platform, type of content, etc. Click “submit”. Your campaign is now under review. Please give us 24 hours to […]

Why can’t I invite a KOL to my campaign?

Please check the country where your KOL is currently resides. To make sure the effectiveness of the campaign, we did not allow you to choose KOL that does not reside in the country where your campaign is held.

What’s the difference between by submission and by invitation?

In “By Submission” campaigns, KOL can both sign up to campaign or be invited by advertiser to a campaign. But, KOL do not need advertiser’s approval to enter the campaign. KOL can directly submit content draft by clicking “more details” button on the campaign and click “submit draft”. Advertisers will later review the draft and […]

How do I make a good brief?

A good brief is a short and concise but contain all the information needed such as: – product highlight– product key selling point– campaign period– eligibility to join the campaign– brand’s dos and don’ts– call to action– quality of the video– how to pronounce the brand name– mention which account– hashtags to use– sample video– […]

How do I invite a KOL to join my campaign?

To invite a KOL to join your campaign, go to “My Campaign” Choose the campaign that you want to invite KOL into. Click “more details” and choose “by invitation” You will go into a list of KOL that we recommend according to your campaign requirement. To pick a KOL simply click “invite” on the KOL […]

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